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HO scale machine shop modeling details to keep your fleet running



HO scale machine shop modeling details to keep your fleet running

When one refers to “The Machine Shop” in the model railroading sense of the word, this conjures up images of a steam locomotive along with its tender having come off a run.  It proceeds to the roundhouse for a thorough routine check of all the running gear, as it has been reported that there is a vibration at a certain speed and getting worse. It is found that there is a fault either on a bearing, a side rod or there is a cracked wheel.

A work order is put into motion to decommission the locomotive to the back shops where more complex and heavy duty repairs will take place.
It is discovered that there is a crack on two of the main drivers, which has also led to side rod bearing failure. This puts the entire reciprocating mass out of balance causing these defects to occur and now the work begins.

The “machine – and back shops” were usually situated at the back of the roundhouse or as a building on its own with access being gained via a transfer table for heavy and more complex repairs.  In the machine/back shops there are all the typical types of machines required for major overhauls and re-manufacturing of parts. These include lathes of different sizes and shapes, milling machines, centre to centre grinders, horizontal- and vertical boring machines, radial drills, surface grinders to name but a few.

Inside you will find HO scale (and one O scale) horizontal and vertical lathes of different sizes all ready for your roundhouse, backshop and machine shop repairs.